Turn-based strategy set in medieval Estonia


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Lembitu is a turn-based strategy game where you play a historical character named Lembitu. In this game, it is your responsibility to unite the territories and provinces of Estonia, which are occupied by German troops.

Each turn, you can construct different buildings in the provinces, such as blacksmiths, farms, houses, mills, and so on. Each of these buildings will give you resources or access to new units and equipment.

Each turn, you can also move your units around the map, send spies into enemy territory to do reconnaissance, and launch attacks. The attacks can be designed to conquer territories or just loot them for resources.

During combat, you don't control anything. Instead, the game decides the winner depending on each side's units. The combat system is very similar to that of the brilliant King of Dragon Pass.

Lembitu is a great turn-based strategy game, and despite having a kind of strange setting (13th-century Estonia), it offers an outstanding gaming experience.
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